The Romans and Sasanians March to the IMC in July 2021

For centuries the Roman and the Sasanian Empires battled it out in the Near East for ideological and physical dominance. Frontiers expanded and retracted, with the two powers continuously interacting with one another throughout the third to seventh century. But what were the political, and by extension diplomatic, military, geographic, and gendered climates that theseContinue reading “The Romans and Sasanians March to the IMC in July 2021”

Getting to Know my PhD Research

I’ve recently been on a break from writing blog posts because my PhD research has taken off and therefore, I needed to give it my ultimate priority. Nevertheless, I hope to come back to this blog for sporadic posts about a variety of topics from PhD advice and insights into Late Antique and Medieval RomanContinue reading “Getting to Know my PhD Research”

Bahram Chobin’s Revolt (AD 590-1): Depictions of Death by Elephant

Being killed by an elephant might seem to be a horrible death and, indeed, it was! Throughout Southeast Asia and India, it was a common method of capital punishment, however, its use was also extended to the Roman and Sasanian geographical sphere. During my research, I have come across a couple of instances in whichContinue reading “Bahram Chobin’s Revolt (AD 590-1): Depictions of Death by Elephant”