Bahram Chobin’s Revolt (AD 590-1): Depictions of Death by Elephant

Being killed by an elephant might seem to be a horrible death and, indeed, it was! Throughout Southeast Asia and India, it was a common method of capital punishment, however, its use was also extended to the Roman and Sasanian geographical sphere. During my research, I have come across a couple of instances in whichContinue reading “Bahram Chobin’s Revolt (AD 590-1): Depictions of Death by Elephant”

Getting Started with the Sasanian Empire

“In this world my treasure is justice, and the world prospers through my efforts and good fortune…From end to end the world is in my keeping, and my way is the path of justice. No one, whether he be a slave or a free man, must sleep uneasily because of my subordinates, or captains, orContinue reading “Getting Started with the Sasanian Empire”